Initial work to understand the context and importance of Monument Circle led to the following set of guiding principles. It is intended that future planning processes to envision, evaluate, design and implement plans for Monument Circle and surrounding area should:

  • Recognize and enhance the role of Monument Circle as the premiere public space, heart and gathering place of Indianapolis and the State of Indiana.
  • Respect and honor the Soldiers and Sailors Monument as a tribute to our veterans.
  • Enhance the economic viability of Monument Circle’s adjacent properties and businesses through purposeful access, open space and development design and programming.
  • Balance the comfort and safety of multiple travel modes, including pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders and automobiles. Incorporate and understand the role that peripheral transportation decisions will have on the Circle.
  • Intentionally design and enhance programming, management and maintenance to ensure lasting value, year-round use and public vitality.
  • Keep Monument Circle accessible, inclusive and multi-purpose.
  • Recognize the Circle’s history and future as ever changing and flexible for the demands of the public and its values.
  • Recognize the many historical properties that call the Circle home and the significant role they play in preserving the city’s shared history.
  • Recognize that many cultural institutions play important civic roles for our Downtown and broader region. each of these cultural institutions has unique needs for public access for performances, exhibits, and other reasons.